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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blank Park Zoo, 4th of July Fun and a FIFTH birthday party!

We took a quick trip to the Blank Park Zoo and had so much fun.
Peighton wanted a kangaroo picture...Preston did not.

It was such a nice day to enjoy the zoo!

Peighton also wanted a frog picture... Preston did not.
We had  a great time!

We hit the Wellman parade for the 4th of July.

The kids decided to ride their Big Wheels in the kiddie parade.

They love it and are already planning what they want to do next year.

It's a bit more work to ride their Big Wheels back up the hill!

Everybody loves a good parade!

The next weekend it was time to celebrate PRESTON!
He wanted a Lego party this year.


We rented a huge bouncy house for the backyard.
It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!
Dustin and I had about as much fun as the kids!

They bounced for the entire afternoon.

He even had Legos on his cake!

When it was time to light the candles, we couldn't get the small lighter to we made do.
Dustin went and got his torch to light the tiny Lego candles!

Blowing out his FIVE candles.

He had a great birthday party!
He can't wait for his "birthday day" for more fun!

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