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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Gingerbread House and Sugar Cookies!

Dustin went to "Deer Camp" for a whole weekend.
So we found lots of fun things to fill our weekend without him!
Grandma Sue has bought a gingerbread house the past few years and we have loved helping her decorate it!
We had a few more  helpers this year that made it even more fun.
I said, "Peighton, can you look at me?"
This is what I got...

Preston was very precise with where he wanted his candies to go.

Peighton liked making patterns with the candy.
We decorated sugar cookies too but I guess I was having too much fun decorating to take pictures!

All of our helpers!
Someday everyone will pay attention when we want them to look at the camera!!!!!
I guess three out of four isn't too bad.

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