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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Who doesn't love a good Funfetti recipe!

We are always looking for something fun to make for snack at our house.
I pinned THIS RECIPE on pinterest and knew we'd be making it soon!

With only 3 ingredients, it only took a few minutes to whip up which Peighton and Preston really appreciated!


3 T Funfetti cake mix
2 T yogurt-we used vanilla
1 T Cool Whip

Mix the cake mix and yogurt together and then fold in Cool Whip.
We ate it with little graham cracker squares.
It would be awesome with fruit and animal crackers too!

We love the new bite-sized Honey Maid squares!

He loves to dip.
Doesn't really even matter what kind!

She's a dipper too!

I LOVE that this made just enough for us to eat in one sitting.
Most recipes make so much that we get tired of eating it and throw about half of it away.

I think other flavors of cake mix would be fantastic too-I'm thinking red velvet cake...

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