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Monday, May 23, 2011

Play Food!

We love felt food at our house.
It's fun, easy to make and cheap too!
Peighton really loves it when she's cooking too.

I recently discovered that I can do really cute ones on my embroidery  machine!
Seriously, what can this machine NOT do????

We started out with some Swiss cheese and Ritz crackers.
There are also square crackers in this set but we didn't get to them.

Then we moved onto Chocolate Animal crackers!
Aren't they adorable!!!!

And our personal fave....goldfish.
Who doesn't love the snack that smiles back at you?!??!?!
There is supposed to be a cute bag to keep these in as well but that file didn't come through for some reason and I'm trying to get that worked out with the site I bought it from.

We also made really cute Smores...but those got stolen before I had a chance for a picture.
Those are super cute though so I'm going to have to sneak them away.

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