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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

She's officially a 4-H'er!!!

She's been waiting for "real 4-H" for four years!
She loved every minute of Clover Kids but knew there were better things to come.

We've been talking about potential projects for awhile now.
She loves to look through the 4-H building at the State Fair each year and pick out her favorite things.

We finally had some time to make the "First Official Project!"
She made a fleece scarf all on her own.
On her own sewing machine as well.

We decided this was a practice one and will look great and keep her warm in the barn when she's washing heifers this winter.
But she's making a new one that will be a little bit better and more colorful for the fair!

This girl loves all things crafty and has so many more ideas for her first year in 4-H!

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