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Monday, October 31, 2016

A "Royally" Good Time at the American Royal!

We had a fantastic weekend showing at the American Royal for the first time!
It was a tough show but she held her own and showed her heifers like the champion that she is.

Dustin left with the heifers earlier in the week.
The kids and I left Friday after I picked them up early from school.

It's a 4 1/2 hour drive from our house.
They watched cartoons for ONE HOUR and then told me they were "SUPER BORED."
They aren't big TV watchers but I had hoped they would be just this once!
The next 3 1/2 hours were filled with Peighton making up the funniest games with random items from the back seat.
It was very entertaining and I wish I could have joined in!
They had me cracking up the whole way there.

I don't have any pictures of Preston and what he did all weekend but I wish I did!
At one point he was so dirty he had to be blown off with the blower that we use on the calves...including his hair...
He made a new friend that was his partner in crime all weekend.
We'll be seeing him at many more shows to come!

Peighton did a great job with Princess Anna once again.

These two have had a great year of shows.

A picture at the backdrop was a MUST.

Cinderella got to go on this trip too.

They did a good job for their first time.

One last trip back to the barn.

We didn't come home with any banners but we did bring home some ribbons she's pretty proud of and lots of great memories.
She told me on the way home she's ready to go again!

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