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Thursday, December 10, 2015


We LOVE matching Christmas pajamas!
Someday, they are going to tell me NO, mom, I will not wear them.

Cy even got a few pictures.

One more pair that our ornery elf brought.

The first weekend of December is Dustin's annual "Deer Camp" weekend.
It's also become our annual "Cookie Day!"

Grandma Sue made two batches of cookies this year and everyone helped until the very end.

There was a quick donut break midmorning thanks to Grandpa Steve.

All their awesome cookies!

Quick picture with Grandma Sue before they were off on other adventures.

The four of them requested a snowball fight with Grandpa this year.

I'm sure there will be lots more this winter!

The same afternoon, Santa always comes to West Chester.

We did a few crafts while we waited for him to arrive.

West Chester Santa is the BEST.

He was asking Preston all sorts of silly questions.

Santa hugs are the BEST!

There weren't many other kids waiting so he had all four of them come up and talk to him again.
Seriously, best Santa ever.

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  1. So lovely kids, and lovely Christmas Pajamas. I can see in pictures how much kids are enjoying donut break. Dear have you any suggestion for me about snacks ideas in birthday party of 2 year old kid? Actually I am thinking to plan a party at venues in Los Angeles in next week on birthday of my son. Help please!