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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First pig show of the season!

We've got our first pig show under our belt!
We loaded everyone up and headed out about 5:00 one morning!

They were both excited to wear their show gear again!

A year has made a big difference!
They are both A LOT more helpful getting them weighed in, washed and to the ring!

Preston has improved quite a bit.

Showmanship is always entertaining.

They love hanging out at the trailer just messing around...and snacking, lots of snacking.

Another favorite spot is the pig ramp into the trailer.
It wouldn't be my first choice of where to sit but they seemed to enjoy it!

Preston and Melvin and Peighton and Tootsie Roll.

With a little more time Peighton is going to be an awesome showman.
She has improved leaps and bounds from last year and truly enjoys doing it!

This picture is one of my favorites.
He is trying very hard to show like the big boys.
He's trying to crouch down just like some of the older kids in the background.

Not too long into the drive home it got very quiet in the backseat.
Can't wait for the next one!

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