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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Farming Time!

The kids both love riding in the combine with Grandpa Steve.
Preston has told me more than once "There is no room for you, Mommy."
So, he packs a bag with snacks and drinks and a few tractors and off he goes with Grandpa.


After he was done in the combine, we hopped in the semi with Jerry!
Waiting for the semi to be filled was a little less action that he is used to.
He had his tractors all over the floor, a few ears of corn and we shared donut holes too while we waited.
But once it was full and we headed down the highway he LOVED that Jerry used the air horn about 10 different times!
We gave Grandma a good long honk when we pulled into the office where she was working!
Preston thought that was pretty funny.

Peighton got out early that afternoon so we headed back out to let her ride with Grandpa.
While we waited we did a lot more farming in the dirt.

We had a great day riding in the combine, the semi, helping Grandma Sue take lunches out, picking up some down corn and we even got to hop in the grain cart!
A great day for Bubba!

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