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Thursday, August 21, 2014

NOTHING compares to the Iowa State Fair!

We had a GREAT time at the 2014 Iowa State Fair.
They say "Nothing Compares" to the 10 days of fun and it is absolutely true!
For the first time this year we tried out camping on the State Fair campgrounds.
It was 12 days of serious FUN.
The first night was rainy so Katy and I basically threw everything into the camper and tried our best to organize everything...with 4 excited kids and a dog running around in a VERY small space!
We had hoped to go to the parade but it just wouldn't stop raining.
Maybe next year!

The first day was rainy and a bit chilly but we made the best of it!
Occasionally Peighton and Hayden shared a stroller.

Preston was the only one who wanted to meet Clifford.

We experienced the big boar contest for the first time.
While we waited everyone enjoyed their first corndog of the week.

Seeing these huge animals was really neat.
All the kids liked watching them walk around the ring and get weighed.

The concrete statues this year were the shape of Iowa.
We had fun finding all the unique paintings.
The theme on this one was bacon...we love bacon.

Preston has had a love/hate relationship with the giant slide over the  years.
This year he was determined to do it himself.
And he DID!

By the end of the slide he was laying completely flat...but he got up smiling NOT crying for the first time ever!!!!!

Hayden did not enjoy it nearly as much as Preston.

We always find somebody's pigs to pet.

Hayden was very interested in brushing this pig.

Preston loved the tractor shaped Iowa!

These head things are a must do for these two.
They are all over the fair and we HAD to stop at each one....multiple times.

Up close and personal with the big boar!

Such a great start to the week!
I have lots more pictures to share of our fun and crazy time so check back!

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