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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One less tooth to brush!

Peighton has been DYING to lose a tooth for quite awhile now.
Most of her friends have lost at least one.
When we went to the dentist in October he noticed that TWO were loose.
She could not have been more excited.
It's been getting looser and looser for about a week now.
Yesterday it was GROSS.
Just hanging by a thread.
I asked her to please pull it out at school. ;-)
On Monday, I made this quick little tooth pillow while she was at school.
I love how it turned out!

On Tuesday, she came home like this.
She had pulled it out at school, got to go to the nurse's office and put it in a tooth necklace.
We were so glad the tooth pillow was done!
Preston even wrote a letter to the tooth fairy using lots of "P's" that he's been practicing.

When she woke up this morning there was money and a new tooth brush for both of them.

The money was special tooth fairy money.
It has GLITTER on it.
Peighton told me that the tooth fairy  must have asked Santa how to make glittery money.
Of course.

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