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Monday, June 24, 2013

Sidewalk "Squeezy" Paint

Another Pinterest summer "Must-Do."
We have made sidewalk paint a bunch of times and we love it.
I saw the idea on Pinterest to put it in SQUEEZE BOTTLES though and it has taken it to a whole new level of fun!!!!!
I only had 4 squeeze bottles-we need more for next time!
I mixed up a bowl of cornstarch, baking soda, water and food coloring.
I put roughly equal amounts of the cornstarch and baking soda, then added water.
I kinda just dumped it in. ;-)
I poured the white mixture into the squeeze bottles before I added the food coloring.
Peighton did a lot of large paintings that turned out really great!

Preston was more into squeezing his into a circle around him and making puddles.

I think I could have made a few gallons of this and they still would have wanted more!
Good thing cornstarch and baking soda is cheap!!!!

We ended our morning of painting and playing outside with some fun kabobs for lunch!
We will be getting more squeeze bottles and doing this again very soon!

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